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Poll: Do you have an anti-virus/security Android app installed?

Poll: Do you have an anti-virus/security Android app installed?

As a follow-up to our review of the Webroot Mobile Security Android app, as well as recent reports of malicious apps finding their way into the Android Market, we figured this poll was quite appropriate.

If you do have an anti-virus/security app installed, has it warned you of any potential hazards thus far? If you don’t have one installed, what (if any) precautions do you take to protect yourself?

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  2. Use lookout security App from Android Market. It is sufficient.

  3. I use AVG Free on my Android and it scans as it downloads an app. It also periodically scans existing apps.

  4. I make sure any apps I install have sufficient installs by others (atleast in the 50,000-250,000 but most apps I have are popular enough where they are in the 250,000+) and I make sure the check through the reviews for any indications something may fishy may be going on. I think the Android virus scare is just that, a overblown scare. This is an attempt from Anti-virus makers to scare the general public into relying on their software to protect you. Its free now but I am 100% sure it won’t be once the general public is convinced it is a must have as it is on MS PCs.

  5. I use Droid Wall, a firewall for Android. That way it is easy to control what applications may connect to the internet or not. Privacy Blocker is pretty cool as well, it can remove permissions from your downloaded apps.

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