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Top Android Game: Chesspresso

Chesspresso is the best way to play “correspondence chess” on your Android device.

  • Version: 1.1.0 FULL
  • Size: 1.61MB (no apps2SD)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: ~$4.01 (Free Lite version)

Chesspresso lets you play multiple chess games simultaneously with other Android users from around the world. The app is setup to allow you to play when you have time and avoid having to dedicate a block of time to complete an entire game all at once (much the same as how Wordfeud works).

From the game’s main screen, click “New Game” to either find a game, create a new game, or invite an already existing player. All of your active games will be listed in the “Current” tab. The name, points ranking, country location, and time left to act (for you or your opponent) will be displayed.

Overall, this Android game has a very clean and sophisticated interface, definitely fitting for a chess app. Make sure to turn on notifications so that you’re reminded of when it’s your turn.


  • “Correspondence chess” lets you enjoy chess games even with a busy schedule
  • Build your skills while earning ranking points
  • Quick, attractive interface makes this game even more addictive

Areas for Improvement:

  • Create a leaderboard (overall, country, local) from the ranking points

Conclusion: A must-have Android game for all levels of chess players, from beginner to expert.

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