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Official Android Market Website Unveiled

Today, Google announced the official Android Market Website! The ability to peruse the entire market from your web browser facilitates greater app discovery, especially with the larger, more sophisticated interface.

One of the best reasons to use the new Android Market Website is the ability to send apps directly to your Android phone. Clicking the “Install” button instantly initiates the download/installation of the selected app on your Android device. This of course requires you to sign-in to the Android Market Website with your Google account, the same one that is associated with your Android device.

Additionally, you can write app reviews directly from the website. Hopefully this will increase the number and quality of posted review information. There is also the option to share an app via Twitter, to easily let your friends and followers know what to try out (let us know too what you find @BestAndroidApps).

Overall, this is a great start to the Android Market Website and I’m sure we’re all excited for the additions that are sure to come.

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