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Top Android App: MultiPicture Live Wallpaper

Top Android App: MultiPicture Live Wallpaper

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper enables you to display a different picture for each panel of your Android device’s homescreen.

  • Version: 0.4.8
  • Size: 111KB (no apps2SD)
  • Category: Themes
  • Price: Free

This MultiPicture Android app is not exactly a live wallpaper in the sense that we are used to. In essence, it’s an advanced homescreen wallpaper manager. To setup, go to [Home] > [Menu] > [Wallpaper] > [Live Wallpapers].

The easiest way to get this live wallpaper up and running is by editing the default settings (instead of changing the settings for each homescreen panel). First, in the “Type of screen” section, choose where you’d like the app to look for pictures. At first, this was rather confusing because the default was set to use a single picture but nothing would show up (even if it’s set to randomly use an image, it won’t initialize until you go in and adjust this setting at least once). I’d suggest the album option, which lets you check/un-check the albums you’d like pictures displayed from.

Other settings include background color, crop/resize ratio, saturation, opacity, and picture selection order. I’d recommend using some sort of crop/resize setting instead of fit to full-screen to avoid blurry images. Play around with the different transition types (for when you switch homescreen panels) and picture change intervals (anywhere from 5 seconds to 1 hour to never).


  • Assign different images to each of your Android homescreen panels
  • Extensive list of setup options, e.g. transition effects, image settings, etc.
  • Double-tap to refresh pictures

Areas for improvement:

  • Initial setup was rather confusing, a short tutorial/help section would benefit new users

Conclusion: An Android live wallpaper that lets you display different pictures on each homescreen panel, a functionality that should be included with stock Android!

[AppBrain Link]

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