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Top Android App: History Eraser

History Eraser is a convenient tool enabling you to clear stored call log, search, and browser related histories.

  • Version: 0.9
  • Size: 75.96KB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Productivity
  • Price: Free

This History Eraser Android app is rather self-explanatory. The functionality that it provides is something you’d expect to be included stock with Android. Specifically,you can quickly erase your browser history, call log, market search history, Google map search history, Gmail search history, clipboard data, YouTube search history, and Google search history.

The interface of this app is as simplistic as its functionality. Check the histories that you’d like to clear and tap the “clean selected” button. Voila, you’re all done!


  • Create a clean slate by purging search histories all at once
  • An app that does one thing and does it well

Areas for improvement:

  • Needs a widget with one-click erasing

Conclusion: If you’re worried about any of your search histories, or just want to start afresh, this app is a time-saving tool.

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  1. You should stop worrying about widget support and start asking for Tasker integration. Then you have the choice to schedule a task or make your own widget if you really need one.

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