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Apps Review Guide for Android Magazine, Papercut Publishing, and Black Dog Media Ltd. have joined forces to bring you Volume 1 of the “Apps Review Guide for Android”.

The magazine is 160+ pages full of the content you’ve come to expect from Best Android Apps Review. Many of the over 369 Android app reviews were published directly from our website. Additionally, a large number of rated apps were added by the publishing team themselves and offer some excellent insight.

Our goal for this publication was to extend our reach to a broader audience, so that even more readers and Android users could unleash the power of their Android device. Because as many of you already know, apps are what makes Android so much fun!

The lion’s share of the distribution is in the UK, while a smaller number of copies are being sold in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and other English-speaking EU countries. If you do get a chance to pick up a copy, let us know what you think!

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  1. Android apps review guide definitely not worth the hefty price of $17.99!! Apps community save your money, very disappointing!! If you generally keep yourself updated on android news then you don’t need to bother. Also, definitely written and reviewed by males the wallpaper reviews sucked big time! Also Google translate got 5 out of 5 stars and even said translation was not that great, give me a break it only translates about 4-5 languages but advertises 50! Game section sucked huge, reviewed lame games that I wouldn’t waste my time with….what a waste of $17.99 plus tax!

    • @ste Sorry to hear you didn’t like the Android apps review guide. The intent of the magazine was to help users new to Android find new and exciting apps to try out. The target audience definitely was not for seasoned Android users.

      • Sorry to be so harsh definitely good for new android users, I don’t feel very seasoned especially because I don’t even own a rooted phone due to the warranty issue and have had a tremendous amount of problems with the Epic (my 3rd Epic to be exact)! In any event the android app magazine definitely a great resource for the new users!

        • Even when I’m not a seasoned Android user, the price is pretty hefty… I rather use google to find out about apps in a more compelling way!!!

  2. Just got my first Android Phone and saw the magazine at a local supermarket. I read as much as I could, while my wife shopped for groceries and she eventually had to pull me away from the terrific information provides. I was so pleased with the magazine that I wanted to buy it but could not afford the $17.99 price tag. What a shame. I might have bought it at $6 or $7. Anyway, I managed to remember the website and so here I am perusing your wonderful site. Thanks for the great knowledge.

  3. I just bought a copy. Excellent, well laid out, some surprising app suggestions, although as other’s have said AUD17.99 is much too expensive. On the other hand it’s sturdy enough to survive being passed around friends & family. Like the site the inclusion of QR codes is just genius.

    • Thanks for all of the comments and valuable feedback. Unfortunately, we did not have direct control over the sale price of the review guide, but will definitely pass along the information to the publisher. Hope you continue to find great apps on our website!

  4. Hi!

    first of all I think this was a very expensive magazine.

    I really liked the magazine though cause I’m tired of seeing only magazines
    for iphone on the market.

    I wonder when next issue is going to be published?!

    please respond to my mail.



    Android fan

  5. $17.99? That’s absolutely insane! Keep it.

  6. hi where can i buy your magazine in singapore

  7. hello, where can I subscribe the book is there anyway I can order the magazine?? I love the magazine and help me a lot of those ideas and free apps too. please let me know.

  8. I’ve just got to add to some of the comments about the price. They’re loads of Iphone/Ipad apps magazines out there, but I was for ever looking for one dedicated to Android. I saw your mag in a well known shop in Waterloo Station, London, UK. I was so happy to see one had finally been published. I wondered why I had not seen it before but soon checked the back and saw it was Vol 1. Then I saw the price… £10. You must be joking, how on earth do you expect people to pay that, never mind once, but for every volume? What a shame… the search goes on.

    @ ‘Best Android Apps Review’, please feel free to leave a link to your subscription prices, maybe they will be lower?

    • Hi Gordon, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately we didn’t have direct influence on the price, but have passed along feedback to the publisher.

  9. Hi, I bought the magazine at the airport to read while on air and enjoyed it very much! But yes I think the price is a bit high also. Take 1/3 off the price and then it would be great. I’m an Android newbie and wanted to see some recommendations for nice apps to fill my HTC Sensation.
    Thanks for some good travel company!

    • Thanks for the kind words and the feedback on the price, we will pass it on to the publisher. Hope you come back often!

  10. I have read an ear;ier edition of the Android Apps magazine and it was very useful.

    Have you ot round to publishing a Android App that more experienced (your words) can regularly read ?

  11. Hi All,

    As a direct result of my earlier, ungrammatical, (sorry!), post; your reply offered the following …

    Thanks a million; it’s already proving its worth !!

  12. I would like to know can I order to get:
    Apps Review Guide for Android Magazine?
    let me know thank you for I love the best android




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