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Poll: What Android Keyboard App do you use?

Poll: What Android Keyboard App do you use?

As a follow-up to our 8 Top Android Keyboard Apps, we want to know what the consensus is among our awesome readers and Android users in general. Do you prefer the swiping motion of apps like Swype and SlideIt, or do you prefer the more traditional tap and type of SwiftKey and Better Keyboard? So, vote and find out what the majority says!

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  1. I’d be on Swype if it was still available (and if my AT&T phone allowed me to download it…).
    But alas, SwiftKey’s the keyboard for me.
    Tried 8pen. It just seemed like a good idea taken to a bad conclusion. “If we didn’t have the keyboard and designed a system for touchscreen phones, what would we do?” Nice thought, but we do have the keyboard and we all know how to use it now. It’s the Esperanto of the Android keyboards.

  2. Swype all the way. Just got in the new beta wave so no more hacked versions.

  3. I write in french, english and japanese so I used to switch between Fr and En map of AnySoftKeyboard and Simeji for Jp in order to have spell checking. I just set up Gingerbread stock keyboard to test it this days and it looks good I admit

  4. I use smart keyboard ppro

  5. Swype. I obtained the Swype apk through other means, but 2 days ago my beta app was accepted and my love affair has only increased since

  6. I still like actually typing on a keyboard so that’s why I chose SwiftKey over Swype. It’s still blazingly fast and extremely accurate at predicting

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