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Widgetsoid: Customizable Homescreen Widgets

Widgetsoid: Customizable Homescreen Widgets

Widgetsoid is a fully customizable Android widget creator.

  • Version: 3.1
  • Size: 1.54MB
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: Free

To access this widget, long-press on your Android homescreen and select the size you’d like. Available sizes range from between 1*1 to 1*5 to 5*1. Once you have selected the appropriate size, then you can choose what settings you’d like to be able to toggle. The default style is similar to the “Power Control” widget that comes stock on some of the newer Android phones.

In the network section, choose from: WiFi, portable WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth, mobile data, 2G/3G, 4G, data sync, tether USB, USB storage, airplane mode. Screen section: Screen timeout, lock screen, auto lock, orientation, brightness, screen always on, and stay awake. Sound section: ring mode, volume control, media scanner, and music controls (previous, next, play/pause). Other section: GPS, battery status, flashlight, SD card, reboot (root only).

Additionally, you can create a shortcut for any Android app you have installed or for any contact.

The best feature of this Android widget is the customization/theme options for the widget itself. You can adjust the widget’s background color, status color, icon colors, corner types, etc. This is perfect for matching custom Android themes, live wallpapers, or any background image.

Once you’ve assembled the widget as you like, make sure to click the “save” button which is at the far-right of the scrollable bottom bar.


  • Fully customizable Android widget creator
  • Includes nearly all critical toggle-able settings
  • Edit widget theme to match your Android homescreen
  • Multiple widget sizes and variations

Areas for improvement:

  • Contact shortcuts need contact images

Conclusion: A customizable Android widget creator that will ease toggling settings from your Android homescreen.

[AppBrain Link] [AppBrain Link]

Android 2.x                      Android 1.6

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  1. It would be great app, but it has one big mistake. It destroyed my mobile internet connection.

  2. Pretty useless on newer Droids. Most of the functionality is already present.

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