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Top Android Widget: LED Light

Top Android Widget: LED Light

LED Light is a simple Android widget that lets you control the LED of the camera.

  • Version: 1.1.3
  • Size: 110KB
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: Free

First off, the obvious must be stated. Your phone must have a camera LED flash in order to use this widget. You have a couple of options on how to activate this widget once it’s on your homescreen. Either tap the switch or shake your phone to activate (make adjustments in the settings). If you choose to go with the shake-to-activate setting, make sure to turn it off afterward. This widget is very responsive and doesn’t require activating the camera to use (like some other similar apps do). Additionally, there isn’t a timer on the LED light either.


  • Instant activation via widget
  • LED light > LCD screen as a flashlight
  • Turns off when screen times-out to avoid inadvertently leaving it on

Areas for improvement:

  • Brightness level options

Conclusion: A handy Android widget for everyone whose phone has an LED flash.

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