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Top Android Game: EVAC HD

EVAC HD is an epic marriage of neon-glowing, Tron-like graphics and Pacman-like gameplay!

  • Version: 1.2
  • Category: Games
  • Size: 20.72MB
  • Price: $1.59 (Free Trial)

The goal of EVAC is to collect all of the “dots” to unlock the exit and escape, all while avoiding the aggressive, red security forces. You can play stealthily to avoid run-ins with enemies, set traps for them, or dash through the maze-like levels with your fingers crossed! Another quality title from Hexage, makers of Radiant and other beautiful Android games.

The first thing you’ll notice about EVAC HD is the incredible, refined graphics (a necessity for a great Android game). There are 24 challenging levels which each require a combination of speed and strategy. At the top of the level screen you’ll see your pause button, score multiplier, lives, and level score. The control point is important to pay attention to and might take a little getting used to. The control point divides your Android screen into quadrants which control your movements left, right, up, and down. Conveniently, the control point can be placed anywhere you prefer by long-pressing on it (or hitting the pause button) and then dragging it to your desired location.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, that’s for you to discover and conquer!


  • Brilliant, vibrant graphics
  • HD version optimized for high-end Android devices (non-HD version also available)
  • Fun music and sounds
  • Apps2SD enabled

Areas for improvement:

  • Controls may be frustrating for some players (option for two independent control points? up/down and left/right?)

Conclusion: An addicting Android game with the whole package; graphics, sounds, and gameplay!

Lite:                               HD:                                     Non-HD:

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