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Top Android App: VocaNote

VocaNote enables single-click conversion of recorded voice instantly into email and SMS.

  • Version: 0.60
  • Size: 427KB
  • Category: Productivity
  • Price: Free

VocaNote provides power in its simplicity. It’s ideal for capturing spur of the moment thoughts while you’re on the go, or as a reminder tool for something you don’t want to forget to do.

Before getting started with this Android app, you’ll want to setup a few important preferences (tap your Menu button from within the app). First, in the “SpeedDial” settings, enter in the default email address (or phone number for SMS) you’d like your recorded messages to be sent to. You can also setup additional recipients by assigning them a particular voice tag. For example, if I want a recorded message sent to my work email, I’d start my message with the corresponding voice tag, in this case, “alpha”. For efficient use of this app, enable “AutoStart” and “AutoClose” in the settings, which will start recording immediately when the app opens and close the app when you end your message.

There are a few voice commands you may find useful as well; “cancel” – cancels current message, “exit” – exits app, “time” – gives you the current time and date, “help” – displays the help text.


  • Streamlined method for instantly recording and documenting a message/memo
  • Ability to setup multiple recipients
  • Simple, simple, simple!

Areas for improvement:

  • Voice tags would be useful as an absolute “start” and “end” functions of a recording (I had some issues of messages getting cut-off before I was done).

Conclusion: An incredibly efficient way to record (and share) ideas/thoughts/to-do lists that you’re sure to forget later!

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  1. Will leave comment if and when I get the app you do not make it real easy to find download link.

    • You can scan the QR barcode with Barcode Scanner to be taken directly to the app in the Android Market. Or, if you’re browsing from your Android phone, click on the QR code for the same result. Additionally, you can search the Android Market for the exact app name and find it as well. Let me know if you need any help!

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