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Top Android App: 2Player Network Music Player

2Player is an Android music player for Windows home networks.

  • Version: 0.83 Beta
  • Size: 1.51MB
  • Category: Multimedia
  • Price: Free (License to support developer ~$2.94)

First off, 2Player is extremely easy to use and requires almost no upfront setup (no software download required, like that for Gmote). The app enables you to play music, a podcast, or other media file on any networked device (DLNA/UPnP supported) around you (e.g. laptop, Xbox360, Playstation 3, DLNA enabled HDTVs). Even better, you also have the ability to play from those devices as well.

A very descriptive example of 2Player’s versatility was provided straight from the developer. “Imagine the following sorts of scenarios. You come home from work; you’re listening to an interesting podcast on your car stereo, played from phone via bluetooth. As you walk in the door, 2player detects your Wi-Fi network, and continues where you left off, playing on your stereo system, connected to your TV. Later on, you put on a little jazz (served up by Windows 7 from your iTunes music collection), and transfer that (using your phone) onto the WD TV Live plus device in your dining room. Music everywhere; with your phone at the center of it all acting as remote control and traffic director, and serving or playing as required.”

2Player is most compatible with Windows 7, which runs Windows Media Player 12 (Windows XP only supports WMP 11). If you’re having any issues, make sure that you have enabled “play to” and “play from” on the media devices you intend to use. If you’re running Windows XP (like me), you’ll have to use non-Windows media servers like XBMC or Twonky.

2Player only supports audio files (no video). This actually proves beneficial in that it allows for an optimized user interface and overall functionality. If you enjoy this app, consider paying for the License which supports the hardworking developer!


  • “Play to” and “play from” support for all networked media devices that support DLNA and UPnP
  • Simple, streamlined user interface
  • Support forums and a very dedicated developer

Areas for improvement:

  • Support for use with a 3G connection.

Conclusion: A robust, efficient solution to control music/audio across multiple networked media devices!

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  1. Is there a way to select Ubuntu as target? I would love that ;)

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