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Google Maps Updated w/ Hotpot, Personalized Recommendations

Google Maps for Android just got updated to include Hotpot, the new local recommendation engine that enables you to discover new places (restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc.) that are tailored to your preferences.

To use Hotpot, update Google Maps to version 4.7 and add the “Rate Places” widget to your homescreen. Now you can rate places and publish reviews on-the-go directly from your Android phone. The review process is quick and easy, which makes using the Hotpot feature truly painless.

The benefit of rating places that you like (or dislike) is that your future search results will be personalized based on your tastes. Additionally, to get everything out of Hotpot, you’ll want to use it on your computer along with your Android device. This way, you can share your ratings with others while also benefiting from seeing friends’ reviews of places you might be considering.

Hotpot combined with Google Places will only be as successful as the number of contributing users, so get out there and share your experiences!

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