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Top Android Game: Slice Slice

Slice Slice is a challenging Android game where you must slice different shapes into a specific number of equal area units.

  • Version: 0.8
  • Size: 4.16MB
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free

Slice Slice is mathematically and geometrically challenging. Each stage consists of a single shape that you must slice into a specified number of pieces. The trick here is that you must use the exact number of required strokes (lines). Additionally, each of the slices must have the same area (small error range allowed).

Make sure to utilize the “undo” button at the bottom left if you draw a line you don’t agree with. You might also want to use this feature to test out how different lines might play out on the more difficult levels. There is also the option to post the puzzle to Facebook as a way to get help when you’re stumped. Don’t forget to pay attention to the tips built into each stage as well, as they provide quality hints along the way.


  • 60 stages (with what looks like 40 more coming soon)
  • Stimulating geometry-based puzzle game
  • Polished UI and graphics

Areas for improvement:

  • Allow last cut to be “undone”
  • Ability to slice more accurately, i.e. tiny areas (<2-3% of the total area) shouldn’t be possible

Conclusion: A well executed, brain-teasing Android puzzle game!

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  1. Like to Marketplace doesn’t work, and can’t find game on there by searching either.
    Shame… looked good.

  2. Link to Android Market doesn’t work!

    • I tested the link in the post and searched for it in the Android Market with no luck. I’m guessing it has been taken down temporarily for some reason. Hopefully it will be back soon!

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