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Top Android App: Ransom Notes

Ransom Notes is a fully functional app for creating personalized messages, notes, or even… demands.

  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 2.25MB
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Price: Free

The app’s interface is completely intuitive and you’ll have finished products in no time. Hit the menu button to pull up the toolbar which gives you all of the options for creating your message. Choose a background from your phone’s gallery, a real-time picture, or one of the default images included. Then, write your note. If you want to change the specific magazine cutout letters, just shake your phone. You can also drag-and-drop individual words to your desired position, which is great for fitting the words around your specific background. Also included in the bottom toolbar is the option to save or share your message, as well as access the gallery of all your saved notes.

Remember, this app is just for fun!


  • Use real-time pictures or gallery images as your background
  • Large pool of magazine cutout letters
  • Save and share your creations

Areas for improvement:

  • Additional default backgrounds

Conclusion: A unique way to design and share a message with your friends, Twitter followers, or the world!

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  1. Nice app, but there’s no customization possibility. There’s often the same letters.

  2. Hi!

    Really cool app!
    Try shaking you phone… you’ll get a lot more combinations of letters!

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