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Top Android App: Epocrates Rx Drug Reference

Epocrates is an informative, comprehensive, mobile drug reference app.

  • Version: 1.191
  • Size: 0.94MB
  • Category: Health
  • Price: Free

This health Android app will keep important drug information at your fingertips. To use this app, you will have to create a login and password (which is easy within the app itself) and download the resource information package.

The first great features I found were the Interaction Check and the Pill ID. Interaction Check lets you list up to 30 drugs to determine whether there may be any adverse affects with their combination. The Pill ID lets you identify an unknown pill by providing its physical characteristics like imprint, shape, color, etc. You can also look up any drug by it’s name or classification (e.g. allergy, dermatologic, psychiatric).

There are even calculators for things like Body Mass Index (BMI), dosage, and unit conversions, as well as informational tables pertaining to topics like cardiology, dermatology, and emergency medicine.


  • Comprehensive Rx and OTC drug resource
  • SI and English units
  • Drug interaction analysis

Areas for improvement:

  • Improve initial information download speed
  • Enhance user-interface

Conclusion: You’ll definitely take advantage of this app if you have kids, are studying for nursing/medical school, or want to be well informed about your health.

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