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Top Android App: CamScanner

CamScanner turns your mobile Android phone into a portable scanning device.

  • Version: 1.0.4
  • Size: 2.76MB
  • Category: Productivity
  • Price: Free (Lite version)

CamScanner lets you quickly archive paper documents, receipts, notes, pictures, etc. as .pdf files.

To get started, click one of the two bottom left buttons (w/ a green plus sign) to take a picture or select an already existing image. From there, you’ll go into the Image Edit view, where you can crop and enhance the image. When dragging the corners of the crop region, use the pop-up magnified view to place the corner exactly where you want. Similarly, there’s a button if you don’t want to crop the image at all. Pressing the check-mark button will confirm and finalize the image. Additionally, a great feature is the ability to add multiple images together to create one .pdf file. This makes multi-paged documents very easy to manage. Check out the pre-installed Quickstart tutorial for all the details!


  • Create multi-paged .pdf files
  • Upload .pdf files to web-based storage services like Google Docs and DropBox
  • Quickly share created documents via Email

Areas for improvement:

  • Scanned searches should be fully indexable/searchable
  • Expand share options to include SMS, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Conclusion: This Android app lets you snap an image and create a .pdf, all on the go.

Lite version:

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  1. Gooooood apps. I am a designer, love this when i see something gorgeous. just to snap a picture and then you will get a PDF. … pretty good. might try ful version later.

    • Have you been able to upload files to google docs? Mine is currently not selectable…?

  2. I love this app, I am a potter and have notes, sketches, etc., on little bits of paper everywhere and in small notebooks. I am scanning in all my stuff using this app and it is wonderful! I have access to everything right on my Droid, no need to carry all those bits of paper around, or weighty notebooks, the app is so smart, it improves the image and takes very nice pictures in almost any light situation. This is one of my most favorite apps. I am going to use it to save pages, articles, etc in my magazine collection then I can just get rid of the magazines. The PDF file for several pages is wonderful. I can’t say enough good things about this app.

  3. Love the tool but wonder why the tool needs to have access to my telephone records? This especially worries me since the maker ( is based in Beijing, China. I am not your average xenophobic who worries about anything from China, but having read about a whole bunch of apps leaking data to Chinese servers, I am a bit cautious. A word from the maker would be good here…

  4. By the way: the tool does let you share stuff to Twitter etc. This depends though whether the Twitter clients on your phone allows other apps to access their code to make the upload happen

  5. I have the pro and find this app to be very useful. I dislike the fact that while making a multi-page pdt I must scroll through all my photos.

  6. Lite version does not work on Thunderbolt. No way to see the image you just scanned. Junk!

    • I have a TB and it works just fine. Don’t know what issue you’re having. I will admit the tutorial leaves a bit to be desired, but once you figure out how the app works, there’s no problem.

  7. Love this app. It has the functionality of a real scanner and helped me in submitting my documents.

  8. I love the app, but for the thunderbolt you cant see the image you just scanned. But you can send to email or other. then see it. I send all my scans to my laptop anyway so that I can name files and organize.

  9. I installed the lite, took the picture and when I uploaded the file to my cloud it upload as a jpeg file instead of a pdf. Do I have to do something to the picture before I upload in order to change it to a pdf?

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