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Top 10 Educational Apps for Kids

Top 10 Educational Apps for Kids

There are many great teaching resources available for kids on Android. Here, we have compiled a top 10 list containing some of the best apps currently offered in the Android Market. If you have a young child beginning to learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, etc. they will definitely love these apps. It’s important to make learning fun and smartphone apps are definitely a new and exciting way to engage your kids.

These apps are all kid-friendly. No ads and deactivated buttons (except Home, usually) ensure your child won’t end up on the internet or accidentally quitting out of the app.

1.  ABCs

Price: Free

This app features alphabet flashcards which combine phonetics and images to teach the alphabet. Use the random letter quiz mode to test learning progress. Star the more challenging letters for more repetition practice later.

2.  Kids Alphabet

Price: Free (Full ~$1.49)

Similar to the ABCs app above, this app features the letter and example word on one flashcard. Clicking on the image (e.g. the airplane) will make the appropriate sound effect. Similarly, clicking on the word will sound it out completely, in addition to the letter itself.

3.  Kids Numbers and Math

Price: Free (Full ~$2.99)

This app is fully featured. Your child can learn the numbers, counting, choosing max/min numbers, addition, subtraction, and other exercises. Voice instructions and sounds help support and facilitate the learning process. Multiple languages are also supported!

4.  Colors

Price: Free

This app is a quick, simple way for kids to learn their colors. Having a child’s voice read out the colors is a great feature. Click the button at the bottom-right of the flashcard for an example of the color. Use the quiz mode to test learning progress.

5.  Shapes

Price: Free

Another quality learning tool to help your kids learn different shapes, both 2 and 3 dimensional.

6.  Kids Shape Puzzle

Price: Free (Full ~$2.99)

An entertaining puzzle to improve cognitive and motor skills in a “kid-friendly way”. Kids can slide the appropriate pieces into the correct spot, which will then lock them into place. Solve the puzzle and the solution will be revealed.

7.  Sight Words

Price: Free

This app is targeting children that are ready to read. It contains over 100 words that are essential for kids in kindergarten and the 1st grade. Star the challenging words to create a custom deck of words for your child.

8.  Kids Connect the Dots

Price: Free (Full ~$2.99)

Another “kid-friendly” app that challenges your child to connect the dots in sequential or alphabetic order. Kids will definitely like when the final image is revealed, and may not even realize they are learning in the process!

9.  Kids Game: Memory Mania

Price: Free (Full ~$0.99)

Like the classic game of Memory, choose from different card sets (e.g. animals, shapes, numbers, colors, etc.) and different board sizes (e.g. 2×2, 3×3, 4×4). Help your kid improve their visual learning and spatial memory skills.

10.  Kid’s Finger Paint

Price: $0.99

This app is a great way to let your kids express themselves. They’ll start with a blank, black slate and can add any color they chose by clicking the color wheel in the top left of the screen. Clear the screen and start over by shaking the phone. To change the thickness of the lines, use more or less of your fingertip.

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  1. Very cool post! I look forward to trying these out with my 3 y/o.

  2. I use Flash Card Maker Pro to teach my 6 year old daughter how to read and do math problems. This is the only flash card application that is optimized for Android pads, tablets, and mobile phones. Flash Card Maker Pro uses advanced gesturing and text-to-speech capability providing a fully interactive experience for users of all ages. This multi-sensory teaching tool uses all pathways of learning (visual, auditory, kinesthetic or seeing, hearing, touching) simultaneously, in order to enhance memory and learning. Use Flash Card Maker Pro on your Android phone or tablet to teach children how to read and do math, to help students study for exams, or to prepare for an upcoming presentation.

    Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand. (Chinese Proverb)

    Recycle your old paper flash cards and download the latest digital version today! Flash Card Maker Pro has the following highlighted features:

    1. Create Your Own Flash Cards
    2. Share Flash Cards with Other Users
    3. Download Decks of Cards from Developer Website
    4. Text-to-speech Audio Playback
    5. Built-in Study Timer
    6. Randomize or Change Order of Playback
    7. Swap Question and Answer
    8. Change Card Colors and Text Size
    9. Navigate Between Cards using Touch Gestures
    10. Backup Database to SD Card

  3. I have tried Flash Card Maker Pro and highly recommend!

  4. I must recommend on “Sound Touch”, it has a huge amount of photos and sounds, and in amazing quality. My 14 months baby loves it! It really stands out of the other apps, an exceptional quality.

  5. Surprisingly, I have found very few Android apps that help children study their weekly spelling lists. As a matter of fact, this lead me to writing my own called SpellingBee which I regularly use with my 8 and 10 year-old children. I know this is a “shameless” plug, but I also really believe that kids (and their parents) will find this app beneficial. BTW… There is a 30-day free trial for you to decide for yourself.

    • Can you put in specific words that you want them to practice (like their spelling words for that week)? Do you have a link? Thanks

    AniWorld is a new application designed to help your child learn more about animals in an interactive enjoyable way.
    The Application is designed to encourage the child to proactively explore the animal kingdom and learn much more about each of the animals.
    Each animal has the following functions to explore:
    • Animal home – Here we learn where does the animal rest or sleeps.
    • Feed me – The child can feed the animal by choosing the right food from different 3 options.
    • Pet me – pet the animal to get it gurgle and see it’s heart filled with joy. Once the animal is happy it will surprise with music and funny faces
    • From birth to adult – see the life cycle of the animal from birth to adulthood

    But most of all ANiWorld is a fun application that your child with play with for many hours.

  7. An awesome animal flash cards app for toddlers featuring hand drawn gorgeous animals and onomatopoeic animal sounds that are easy for children to imitate!

  8. Smart Kids: First Grade is a one-stop-app for a first grader to learn Math, English, Science and Social. The app is designed in a kid-friendly manner with easy to navigate screens. Colorful screens and engaging questions keep the kids interested.

    All U.S. states curriculum is taken in to consideration.
    Maintained high standards and framed good quality questions in all subjects.
    Some questions follow True or False pattern to explain the concepts.
    Explanations are provided for some hard questions to guide the kid in learning the concepts.
    -Additions(Easy number additions to Hard word problems).
    -Subtractions(Easy subtractions to Hard word problems).
    -Geometry(shapes and fractions).
    -General(Reading different clocks and Number patterns).
    -Grammar(Punctuations, Compound words, Nouns and Verbs).
    -Sentence(Fill in the blanks, Complete sentences).
    -Spelling(Identify the correct spelled word).
    -General(Plurals, Antonyms, Synonyms).
    -Life science (understanding of Plants and Animals).
    -Earth Science (Measuring concepts like Pounds, Miles etc).
    -Physical Science(Solids, Liquids and Gases).
    -Geography(States, Capitals, Nicknames, and Outline Maps).
    -Civics (Basic functionality of Government branches).
    -History(American History and Historic Places).
    -General(Time Zones like EST, CST and PST).

  9. You can also try “Kids Socks”, a free game we develop for preschool kids.

  10. Hello I hope it’s okay if I add my app to your list! It’s a cute and fun Kids app for learning Spanish: InstaSpanish Kids for Android. I couldn’t add it for free because it cost money to develop, but I hope to add a lot of new lessons if sales pick up some. The slideshow about my app is here:

    The Android Market listing is here:

    I’d be happy to make a review copy available to you.

    I hope you find the app worthy of a listing!

    warm wishes
    Stacey Reiman, Anchorage Alaska
    “work at home” developer, mom of 2 toddlers

  11. Best app for kids .Need a little peace and quiet? This Christmas, let Milley take your children on a magical adventure, in Winter Forest. Only $2.99!

  12. And here You can find a brain training game for children from 3 to 6 years old. It learns logical thinking through the play:

  13. I’ve been using “Flash Cards for Learning” with my son. Has helped him with his counting and math skills. Also has a bunch of other things like ABC’s, colors, money, shapes.

  14. My favorite app is called Kids Learn Animals. It has pictures and sounds of animals. My kids really love it.

  15. Another fun and very good learning game for kids.
    TRY IT!!!

  16. My rugrats love the new Pet Shop Panic game. It’s great for math skills and great fun.

  17. There is this another cool app for kids which will definitely enhance their skills in numbers , alphabets , picture dictionary etc…

  18. hey chayanica my kid loved “vmatch”… thanks for sharing the link..

  19. My kids favorite shape puzzle is this one :
    Above is the link to the Lite version but it totally worth to buy the full version:
    What I like the most at this game ?
    1. my kids are entertained and they don’t get bored
    2. it is easy to use and the kid can play alone; I don’t have to be beside him all the time
    3. they learned something too
    4. I can set the difficulty
    5. the puzzles themes differ from ocean scenes, farm scenes, animals to letters, numbers and musical instruments.

    Definitely worth to take a look.

  20. I’ve found also a great app with princesses, unicorns and ponies.
    My daughter loves to solve jigsaw puzzles and , of course princesses. She is 4 and she love this game:

  21. All the apps from KIDSZONE are amazing, sweet and simple for preschool kids.

  22. My kids love “Learn Coloring”, is a free application for painting and coloring, which has educational content and educational challenges. I like also because it is an entertainment and encourages them to learn many things.

  23. Thanks Paul, my kids really liked “Learn Coloring”.

    Thanks for the post

  24. I also wish to share one educational android app for kids with you. It is Shape Puzzle – that is an interesting shape puzzle game to keep kids busy.

  25. So, I would like to add also our first Android App for Kids, Ocean is a Coloring Puzzles Game.

    Would be great see it in one of your next articles.

  26. Make sure you lock your Play account with a PIN code! Unscrupulous apps try and get your child to pay for stuff. I’ve seen this a lot with some of the free android apps.

  27. My kids are big fan of First grade math learning game. They adore the cute creatures in the aquarium:


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