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Angry Birds Android Game Flies into Top Spot

Angry Birds Android Game Flies into Top Spot

The objective of Angry Birds is to dish out revenge on the green, greedy pigs that stole their eggs!

  • Version: 1.3.5
  • Size: 12.23MB
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free!

As a preface, this Android game was downloaded over 1,000,000 times in it’s first day available. It is very easy to learn but very difficult to master, hence its huge popularity and replay value. In total there are 150 different levels that require strategy, logic, and precision to complete. Like Moblox, another top rated Android game, Angry Birds features physics-inspired gameplay that encourages you to analyze each level before firing away.

Your first step toward mastering this game is understanding the unique powers of each Angry Bird. Below are descriptions of each bird and how they’re best used.

  • Red: basic weapon. Launch higher to produce more damage.
  • Blue: breaks into 3 birds when you tap the screen. Perfect for spreading out damage or destroying glass blocks.
  • Yellow: activate its boost by tapping the screen. Use for an extra punch or covering long distances.
  • White: tap the screen to drop an explosive egg, which then causes the bird to fly away. Time it right and utilize the egg as well as the bird to do extra damage.
  • Black: a heavy, bomb-like bird. Launch it high to break through initial structures before unleashing its large explosion. Tapping the screen will make it explode early.
  • Green: the boomerang bird. Shoot into structures to deal heavy damage. Make sure to activate the boomerang feature early, because once it hits anything it can no longer be used.

Overall, this game is a true masterpiece. The graphics are beautiful, the levels well designed, and the overall interface a dream to use. You can easily scroll left/right to view your targets and your remaining Angry Birds (ammunition). Or, you can pinch-to-zoom if you’d rather see the entire level in one screen.


  • 150 challenging levels
  • Requires skill, logic, and strategy to master
  • Entertaining music and sound effects

Areas for improvement:

  • Add a paid, ad-free version!

Conclusion: 1,000,000+ downloads in 1 day, need I say more?!

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  1. I was a little skeptical at first, when my friend told me I should review Angry Birds, but I played a bit last night and it cracked me up! How could firing disgruntled birds, via slingshot, at structures that collapse on pigs (gasp) NOT be funny. Highly recommend.


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