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Poll: Will You Buy an Android Tablet? (in the next year)

Poll: Will You Buy an Android Tablet? (in the next year)

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  1. No, will not buy an android tablet. But will be buying one to two more excellent android phones in the next 9 months.

  2. No, I will not buy an Android tablet and heres why. I looked @ the xoom and the ipad 2, thinking long and hard about which to get. The xoom has some great hardware without a doubt it beats the ipad 2. But the biggest thing for me was the software and that on xoom is a big ?. Apple you know the apps and os are rock solid but the xoom no dedicated tablet apps or future up dates Android os has to worry about updating for 30 different devices and somebody is going to get left out and i don’t want it to be my $600 tablet. So it looks like the tablet for me will be the ipad 2. Im still wishing for a xoom with apple apps. and security in the os b/c the hardware is amazing.

  3. N0, should not have to buy a tablet in a mobile phone provider’s store at the back of the retail space. No, should not have to pay over $500 if you only want a wi-fi without 3G/4G. iPad is rock solid with good price point and app store. Android tablets are all over the place, though I love the phone platform and my HTC EVO! USA Today had a great article on why the iPad will continue to kill the Android pad.


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