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Top Android App: Celestial Bodies Live Wallpaper

Celestial Bodies is a 3D live wallpaper depiction of the solar system.

  • Version: 1.0 (Beta)
  • Size: 414KB
  • Category: Themes
  • Price: $0.99

Like our Force Fields review earlier, this live wallpaper is for the astronomy/science nerds out there! First off, you can choose between a view of our solar system, or have a solar system randomly generated. A few of the settings you can customize are the orbital speed, your preferred view, and for music visualization. When you’re on your homescreen, tap the screen to cycle through the available views. If you’ve got a specific view that you only want displayed, make sure to un-check the “tap view” option.

If you’re worried about phone performance or battery life, there are render settings you can play with like the amount of planet detail displayed, whether or not background stars are shown, and the frame-rate limiter option.


  • Quality graphics for use as a live wallpaper
  • Accurate solar system depiction
  • Multiple viewing options and customization settings

Areas for improvement:

  • May get cluttered, but adding moons would be a fun option

Conclusion: A great live wallpaper to add to your homescreen background repertoire!

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  1. Odd. I simply can’t find this on the market at all. Using a Samsung Vibrant.

    • @Kyler I’ve actually been having this problem as well and I am also using a Vibrant on T-mobile. I think it may be a pretty common bug at the time being. I’m hoping it’ll be solved with an update to Android 2.2.

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