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FactBook Provides Country Data & Statistics

FactBook is a reference app with a beautiful interface that offers you easy access to the CIA World Fact Book and the United Nations data and statistics.

  • Version: 1.72
  • Size: 4.71
  • Category: Reference
  • Price: Free

FactBook is a great app for learning new things about our world. A wide range of data is provided for each country in different media, e.g. text, charts, graphs, and images. Right when you open the app you’ll find the “Did you know…” section at the bottom of the page. When I first used FactBook I definitely watched at least 10 different facts scroll across the screen. Then, you can find and break down the entire FactBook database by country, region, or relative comparison rankings.

For the purpose of this review, we’ll show you what type of information you can gather about the different countries. Categories include General Info, Transportation & Military, Economy, Population, Government, and Geography. Click the center of the wheel to access your chosen category. Flip your phone into landscape mode to see photos provided from Flickr.


  • Efficient user-interface and layout
  • Official reference material

Areas for improvement:

  • Click-wheel is clunky (list or buttons would be easier)
  • Needs Apps2SD functionality because of large size
  • Did you know… section should be clickable directly through to specific country info

Conclusion: A well refined reference app useful for anyone wanting to become a little more “worldly.”

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