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VR Tunnel Live Wallpaper

VR Tunnel Live Wallpaper is a motion-sensitive, holographic-effect of flying colorful cubes!

  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 99.89KB
  • Category: Themes
  • Price: Free (Max Version: $0.99)

Note: The prerequisite for all live wallpapers is that your phone must be running Android version 2.1+.

The lite version of this app is limited to 3 colors and has fewer options than the Max version. After applying VR Tunnel as your live wallpaper, you can tap the cubes to make them rotate. If you’d like to re-center the holographic effect (which readjusts itself as your phone’s orientation changes), just double-tap the screen.

This live wallpaper is another fun app to add to the collection of the 5 Must-Have Android Live Wallpapers. You’ll definitely have all non-Android users envious of your phone with live wallpapers like this one.


  • Unique 3D holographic feel
  • Options and settings galore

Areas for improvement:

  • Additional shapes?

Conclusion: A definite addition to the list of must-have Android Live Wallpapers!

Lite:                                         Max:

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