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Top Android Game: Smiley Pops

Smiley Pops is another great game from Boolba Labs LLC (makers of Toss It).

  • Version: 1.1.3
  • Size: 1.67MB
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free

The idea behind Smiley Pops is similar to other matching games you may have played. However, in this rendition, you must swap 3 side-by-side smileys to get 3 (or more) in a row. This means you must shift your smileys around in a triangular pattern.

Beyond the difference in gameplay, this game brings even more fun because the smileys will laugh, wink, and cry along the way, providing you some added entertainment as you play. Additionally, the sounds and music complete the experience and really draw you into the game.

How to improve your score:

  • Line-up as many smileys as possible to get larger point totals
  • Create combos where a single move results in 2+ different colored lines of smileys are taken out
  • Create chains where smileys are continuously removed as they fall into place

Game modes:

  • Skilled – Each move takes away from your “progress bar” at the bottom of your screen, but it’ll then increase depending on the points earned. Be smart and ensure that each move results in positive “progress”.
  • Time attack – A race against the clock. Extend your time remaining by putting together high-scoring moves.
  • Freestyle – No time and no “progress” to worry about, just have fun!

If you run into trouble, shake your phone to instantly pop all rocks plus a number of random smileys. This should help you get out of a jam. If you haven’t used your shake events when the progress/time bar reaches empty, they will automatically be used to keep you alive. They are limited though so don’t count on them too heavily!


  • Entertaining graphics, music, and sounds
  • Different game modes test your speed and execution
  • Global scoreboard to see how you measure up
  • Automatically saves your game when you exit

Areas for improvement:

  • If scores for individual moves lingered on the screen longer, it would be easier to learn which moves are better

Conclusion: A quality game that has been well thought-out and implemented. A definite keeper for those situations where you want to pass the time with a challenge!

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  1. Sounds fun…but why does the app need access to GPS position, wifi position, full internet, blah, blah, blah?

    • @JM That’s a good question, and my guess would be that it has something to do with the global scoreboard. But I will follow up with the developers and get an answer!

    • Hey JM,

      “Network communication” is for submitting global high scores.
      “Phone calls” is for accessing phone unique ID to associate user with a phone (so that users do not have to login when submitting scores)
      “System tools” is for saving user settings and current progress after exiting the game.
      “Your location” is for better advertising targeting (more revenue for the developers -> better support and quality of the game for the users)

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