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Top Android Game: Drop Block

Drop Block is a frustratingly simple but complex physics puzzle game.

  • Version: 1.6
  • Size: 2.23MB
  • Category: Games
  • Price: £1.99 ($3.10) (Free Demo)

The full version offers 75 challenging levels that are guaranteed to tickle your brain. I’ll admit, the first time I opened this game I intended to just get an initial feel for it, but ended up playing the first 15-20 levels. It definitely has that addictive factor that keeps you going.

The object of the game is to get rid of all the red blocks without losing any of the green ones. There are also blue blocks which will help you complete the goal, but other than that they don’t matter. The dark red and green blocks can’t be destroyed. To remove a block, just tap it with your finger. Blocks with faces will fall in the direction of their face when tapped.

In the full version, there is even a level editor. Any level that you create can then be shared (once you’ve proven that it can be beaten of course).  In the Customize menu, you can play your custom levels and browse online for ones that others have created.

The biggest hint that can be given is that timing is critical! You’ll definitely have to utilize the moving blocks in conjunction with other blocks to beat many of the levels.


  • Challenging levels that make you think outside the “blocks”
  • 75 levels + level editor will keep you busy

Areas for improvement:

  • Would love a more attractive icon
  • Hints for those really challenging levels would be helpful if needed
  • Some sort of global scoreboard would generate a more competitive feel

Conclusion: A simple, silly game built to challenge you with every level. Definitely worth the full version for all 75 levels. If you’re unsure, try the Demo version first for free.

Demo:                               Full:

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