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Top Android Game: Bink

Top Android Game: Bink

Challenge your short-term memory with Bink, the color-blasting pattern game.

  • Version: 1.7
  • Size: 163KB
  • Category: Games
  • Price: ~$1.30

Like many other Android games, Bink is simple and entertaining. The concept is very straight-forward: tap the colored block that was most recently added to the screen. Each time you tap the newest block, another one will appear. Choose the wrong block and you lose. The time required to solve the puzzle is recorded, so speed counts! This taxes your memory even further and makes mistakes more frequent.

The game comes with 20 original levels that vary in size from 4×4 to 7×7 layouts. However, you have the ability to be creative and design your own levels as well. Just tap the different blocks to change their colors after choosing the custom level size. Save levels with a specific name and then find them added to the list of levels! The max size for a custom level is 10×10, and I’d be scared to even try it. An excellent design feature of the game is that even though the blocks might be located in the same spots for each level, they will come up in a random order each time, so you can continue to retry levels and improve your time.


  • Crisp and colorful UI
  • Simple level editor
  • Record time-tracking and randomized block appearances enhances replay value

Areas for improvement:

  • Global scoreboard
  • Ability to share (download/upload) levels with other players

Conclusion: A unique, well-developed Android game that will test your awareness and memory!

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