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Top Android Game: Atomic

Top Android Game: Atomic

Atomic is a very addictive and challenging game, based on the classic game Atomix from the 90s. Get ready for a flashback to organic chemistry!

  • Version: 1.5
  • Size: 3.13MB
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free (Full, ad-free £1.49 ~ $2.37)

The basic premise of the game is to reconstruct a molecule that has been scattered around the board. Each atom can move in any direction until it hits a wall or another atom. You must arrange the atoms exactly to form the molecule required to win.

On the board game you’ll notice 5 symbols at the bottom. The “?” displays the molecule you are trying to reconstruct. The next button undoes your previous move. The “+” and “-” are your zoom buttons; zooming out helps keep you from having to move all over the screen in order to find the atoms you want to move. Lastly, there is a pause button to stop the clock. Speaking of which, as you attempt to solve the puzzle, the time it takes and the number of moves required to solve will be recorded and added to the leaderboard.


  • 40 challenging levels (40 more in paid version)
  • Smooth graphics and gameplay
  • Might even help you remember a little chemistry knowledge!

Areas for improvement:

  • Bottom buttons are inadvertently pressed because of their proximity to the atoms you’re trying to move
  • Entire level should be displayed on the screen at the same time if possible

Conclusion: One of the more challenging, brain-teasing games you’ll download on Android. With 40 levels, you’ll be busy for quite some time!

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