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Groupick Solves Your Unanswered Questions

Groupick let’s you post questions and pick answers about anything! Can’t decide on something and want the opinion of the Android community? Ask the group!

  • Version: 0.23
  • Size: 348KB
  • Category: Social
  • Price: Free

The point of Groupick is to get your unanswered questions resolved and to help others make decisions too. One of the coolest features is that you can use images as answers. So if you’re unsure which dessert is the yummiest (see below), snap a picture of the options and let the group decide.

Once you’ve voted on a question, you can rate it out of 5 stars. Also, you’ll instantly be able to see the percentage (and # of votes) for the answer you selected. For more detailed results and to view posted comments, click the graph/quote-bubble icon. To move onto the next question, click the next button.

In the top right corner of the app, you’ll see how many points you’ve earned thus far. You can increase your standing by voting, asking questions, and commenting. If you’d like to pose a question, you’ll need to signup for a Groupick account (not required for voting/viewing results).

This app is relatively new and its value will grow exponentially as the number of participants increases. The more votes on a single question, the more confidence you can have in the answer (if you’re looking to go with the majority of course).


  • Quick way to collect a large number of opinions
  • Ability to share questions via Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Well implemented concept

Areas for improvement:

  • Ability to search/filter questions based on various categories/tags
  • Graphical results are small/hard to read
  • Increased responsiveness between questions

Conclusion: An exciting, well executed app that will help you resolve those annoying, unanswered questions. Download and add your 2¢.

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