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Top Android App: Gas Log

Top Android App: Gas Log

Gas Log is a very simple (and elegant) way to track your fill-ups.

  • Version: 1.0.5
  • Size: 163KB
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: Free

In the upper box, click on the different values to edit and input them. You’ll want to track the price per gallon, # of gallons, and the odometer reading (although I mistakenly added the distance on the trip meter in the screenshot below). That’s all of the information you’ll need and the app will do the rest!

To view the plotted data, put your phone in the landscape orientation and it will automatically display. You’ll see the calculated average miles per gallon as well as average cost per gallon for all data points you have entered.

And really, that’s how easy it is to use. Because it is so straightforward, it makes tracking your activity at the pump just a few clicks away. It seems like a large reason why people stop monitoring something (e.g. MPG, weight, calories, etc.) is because it’s time consuming and the results aren’t obvious. Both of these issues are resolved with this app (at least for MPG).


  • Quick data input, clean UI
  • Plotted history of MPG and average cost/gallon
  • Support for gallons/litres, MPG, L/100km and km/L

Areas for improvement:

  • An option for tracking different cars would be very useful
  • More data analysis features and editing are needed (e.g. date ranges for specific value calculations, monthly spending, other valuable trends)

Conclusion: If you’re conscientious about your car’s fuel economy and what you spend on gas, you’ll definitely want to make use of this app to track your stats.

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  1. I use aCar to track my fuel-ups and servicing, and it allows for multiple vehicles. It has a bunch of reports, easy data entry, and is also free. Great product!

  2. Very well made.

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