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Share Photos, Contacts, Apps w/ Bump

Bump makes sharing photos, contacts, and apps as easy as bumping phones together!

  • Version: 1.2.11
  • Size: 525KB
  • Category: Social
  • Price: Free

Bump is a very “handy” app to have installed on your Android phone and is even compatible with iPhones.

How to use:

  • Open Bump on both phones
  • Gently bump hands together
  • Confirm the exchange

It’s really as easy as that. For each media type you can transfer, there is a tab with a button to “attach” files to it. Just attach everything you want to transfer at once and bump away. Make sure you’re either connected to 3G or WiFi if you’re doing many items at once, otherwise it may take quite awhile to complete.


  • Quickly transfer multiple photos, contacts, and apps
  • Compatible with iPhone
  • Very easy to use

Areas for improvement:

  • Support for documents and other file types (e.g. Music) is a must

Conclusion: An app with a great concept that you will surely use.

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