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Poll: Stock Android or Custom UI (Sense, TouchWiz)?

Poll: Stock Android or Custom UI (Sense, TouchWiz)?

With more and more phones coming out with their own custom UI’s, the question is, what do you prefer?

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  1. It really depends. MotoBlur is god aweful, I wish I never bought that Cliq. It get’s in the way more often than it helps. While offering little in the way of useful features. The social features of it are made for people with no more than 5 friends. Sense has it’s benefits like really good copy paste in the browser, and some eye candy for the weather. The evo sense keyboard is nice because it has arrow buttons to make up for a lack of trackball. I haven’t played with the Samsung version yet. When manufacturers focus on improving the experience it works. When they focus on replacing the experience with something new and different all they do is squander all the good work people have already done.

    • I would definitely prefer manufacturers focus on improving the overall phone experience instead of replacing the entire UI. However, at times I really do like the TouchWiz on my Vibrant. It’s a tough balance it seems.

  2. Have the galaxy $. Touchwiz is bloated and slow. I use Launcherpro Plus and love it. Its faster and more customizable.

  3. Should’ve stick with the stock UI and optimize it for the device… Saves a lot of update time don’t you think? Especially if newer Android versions come out, release would be faster, and fans added… Think about it. The worst has got to be the one I played with on a Sony ARC S. A lot of support issues with widgets and stuff. It’s blazing fast but yeah…

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