Facebook for Android Receives a Facelift

Facebook for Android Receives a Facelift

The latest version of Facebook for Android has been officially released. Many of the fixes and new features focus on the app’s homescreen. The interface has been given quite a facelift and now earns more respect when compared to its iPhone counterpart.

A great addition to the app is the new Notifications bar that can be easily pulled up to get all of your latest interactions. The Notifications bar will also indicate how many unread items you have. Even more, there is now a fancy sliding image/video drawer that takes you directly to the particular update/album/etc in one-click. You can even watch videos uploaded by friends directly from within the app.

Even with all of the great improvements, many Facebook purists and addicts alike are still waiting for Facebook chat integration. If and when that update comes, I’m sure it will be a revelation for many.

Overall, every Facebook for Android update brings it closer to being truly independent from the mobile website.

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August 5, 2010 Posted Under App News

3 Responses to “Facebook for Android Receives a Facelift”

  1. hashashin says:

    Unfortunately on my phone the new Facebook app held a “partial wake lock” and prevented my phone from sleeping, which runs down the battery quickly. I noticed the problem when the phone started to get warm and traced it to the new Facebook app using the Spare Parts app. I will avoid using the new Facebook app until they fix this problem.


    Chexmix Reply:

    I also had this issue.


    Best Android Apps Review Reply:

    Just started getting a force close error when trying to open the Facebook app as well. Odd because I wasn’t having this issue last night after the update.


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