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TV Listings for Android, Never Miss a Show!

TV Listings for Android quickly shows you an overview of what is on right now (only U.S. supported).

  • Version: 2.0.2
  • Size: 1.56MB
  • Category: News & Weather
  • Price: Free

This handy app covers OTA, cable, and satellite providers totaling over 12,000 TV channels. You can easily check what’s currently on with the initial channel based list, which updates itself to the current time. This view displays  the next three shows that are being aired on each channel. Clicking on a specific channel will give you the full guide including show descriptions.

Additionally, if you’re big on movies and sports, there is a tab for each one. A really nice feature is the progress bar shown for the movies/sports that are currently playing. So if you’re only interested in catching the final couple innings of the baseball game, now you can!

Another great feature is the ability to apply filters based on categories like action, anime, or comedy (there’s a long list!). Similarly, in the Settings you can filter which channels you want to be included in the TV listings, that way you don’t have to wade through all of the worthless TV shows to find what you want.


  • Set reminders for your favorite TV shows
  • Accurate, fast loading listings
  • Filters for specific channels and show categories

Areas for improvement:

  • Icons for all channels would improve the look and feel of the app itself
  • A search feature would be very helpful

Conclusion: Assuming you enjoy watching movies, sports, or TV shows in general, you’ll want TV Listings for Android in your app arsenal.

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