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Top Android Game: Prism 3D

Prism 3D is a new, tricky, and creative game based on your phone’s accelerometer. If you’re in for smooth gameplay and a tough challenge, this is an Android game you need to try out!

  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Size: 1.78MB
  • Category: Games
  • Price: £1.49 (~$2.26)

This Android game is one that will test your alertness and reflexes. Because the ball’s movement is based completely on the accelerometer, the graphics must be very smooth (and they are). This helps remove a lot of frustration that plagues other accelerometer-based games.

Currently, there are 25 built-in levels to play. Additionally, you can even create your own levels in the very functional Level Editor. I think this was actually the most surprising part of the game itself.

Level Editor tips:

  • Click the white (normal) tile on the bottom right to begin. Change the tile type by then clicking the white (normal) tile in the bottom left.
  • Remember that you’ll need both a start (‘Go’) and end (‘Checkered flag’) for your level.
  • If you’d like a little help, find the ‘Add random tiles’ button in the menu to fill out your level.
  • Save your custom level to play it!
  • Create additional levels or open previous levels to edit them further.

Tile types:

  • Green numbered tiles: gain point numbers
  • Red numbered tiles: lose point numbers
  • Arrowed tiles: forces ball in that direction
  • X: explodes ball
  • Heart: gain life
  • Check options for other tile types…


  • Smooth, clean graphics that do not inhibit accelerometer controls
  • Controls calibrated each time you play
  • Challenging, addictive playability
  • Easy-to-use, fully-functional level editor

Areas for improvement:

  • Expand inter-user support for custom maps (download/upload and share custom maps)

Conclusion: A simple, yet challenging concept that has been implemented perfectly. Definitely an Android game worth paying for!

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