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Top Android Game: Bonsai Blast

If you’re a fan of Zooma and Bust-a-Move type games then you will love Bonsai Blast.

  • Version: 1.5
  • Size:  6689 KB
  • Category: Casual Games
  • Price: Free

The object of the game is simple—shoot colored balls to match them in groups of three or more.  Do it quickly to gain more points and avoid losing.

Bounce balls off walls, shoot them through chutes, and gain powerups as you play


  • Free
  • Simple, addictive gameplay

Areas for improvement:

  • More variety in level design
  • Multiplayer
  • A bit of a battery hog, like most games are


If you like games that can kill a minute or two here and there, then give Bonsai Blast a shot.

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