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Top Android App: Android System Info

Android System Info does exactly what the name states, providing you all of your Android phone’s “under-the-hood” information and more!

  • Version: 1.10.2
  • Size: 173KB
  • Category: Productivity
  • Price: Free

This loaded app comes with five main tabs: Dashboard, System, Tasks, Apps, and Logs.


  • Lookup handy info like how much battery, internal memory, SD card space, and RAM you have free.
  • View uptime (time since the phone was last shutoff), current network type (e.g. WiFi) and IP address.


  • A comprehensive list of all the information you need about your Android device (e.g. OS, build info, memory, CPU, screen, sensors, java properties, etc.)



  • List of all installed applications.
  • Launch, manage, uninstall, or view the specific app in the Android Market.


  • A log of exactly what your Android phone is doing, like what you would find in the Dalvik Debug Monitor (DDMS) used by developers.
  • Use the menu to update, save, or categorize the current log.


  • All the information you could want accessible from one place
  • Clean, user-friendly interface and organization
  • App and task manager features built-in

Areas for improvement:

  • Allow apps to be sorted by size in the Apps tab (makes uninstalling large-sized apps easier)
  • Could use a prettier icon, but that’s not a deal breaker!

Conclusion: Easily a must-have app. Information/knowledge = power!

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  1. Check Refine Efficiency:

    Fast, Simple utility:
    - cache cleaner (root and non root(individually)), no sd card cache support;
    - market history cleaner;
    - task killer;
    - start up manager (root and non root(no guarantee));
    - task scheduling.
    Also browser history cleaner.

  2. doesnt recognize my 8g internal memory


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