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Poll: Do you use a Task Killing Android App?

Poll: Do you use a Task Killing Android App?

This poll question comes about because of the heated discussion about the effectiveness and utility of Android Task Killing apps like Android Task Manager that we saw in our post, How to Save Battery Life with Android Apps. So answer below, and comment if you’d like to add to the debate!

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  1. I always use Task Killer.. Not sure on the theory if that would consume battery (Though it might sound obvious..).. But, it definitely makes my Nexus faster while I run heavy apps like Assassins Creed.. I can literally feel the difference..!!! its sluggish if there are many apps open…! thats wher the use of the task manager comes into play… :)

  2. You don´t need a Task Killer!
    Android have a buildt in Task Killer that kills apps when needed.
    And if you use a Task Killer and kill alla apps you loose many features in Android!

  3. I have used a task killer for quite some time now but how I use it has changed and my use of it has reduced greatly. I used to be one of those who was always closing out tasks every chance I got. But since I have messed around w/ Android app development I have learned about how Android will automatically kill out apps it does not need automatically. So nowadays I only use it when I need to kill off an app before Android has killed it. An example would be using the built in Music app and then later using Google Listen both w/ a stereo bluetooth headset. What happens is that the play/pause control on the bluetooth will continue to control the Music app as long as its in memory even if i’m not using it. So I kill the music task and it starts to play/pause Google Listen.

  4. Android phones run a variation of Linux, not windows. You dont need a task killer. Android handles its own memory allocations, very well.

    Problems only come in with poorly developed apps created by not-so-bright developers.

  5. I rarely use the task manager…There is no option i find in Samsung Galaxy S when i want i stop a particular upload. Once u press the upload button then i didnt find any option to cancel it..not sure if there is any hidden one. I had to use task killer actually to cancel my upoad. Dont know if anyone has better idea. In other case i will let android do its memory management.


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