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IMDb Now Showing on Android!

IMDb (Internet Movie Database) is the largest online collection of movie, TV, and celebrity information. IMDb lets you search over 1,500,000 movies and TV shows straight from your Android phone!

  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 635KB
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Price: Free

Right off the bat you’ll notice the attractive and inviting user-interface. The categories on top allow for easy access to the information you’re looking for. If you want to search for a specific item, open up the Menu.

You’ll find a convenient feature is the current most-viewed titles are shown on the app landing page. For example, Toy Story 3 and The Twilight Sage: Eclipse are the top items and may likely be what many of you are searching for when you go into IMDb. This app is a great way to find out what movies or TV shows are hot (and those that are not). Additionally, you can lookup showtimes by location, date, etc. as you’d do with similar apps like Fandango and Movies by Flixster.

Biggest features:

  • Find showtimes
  • Watch trailers
  • Browse photos
  • Get TV listings
  • Track DVD/Blu-ray releases
  • View popular charts like Best Picture Winners and Top 250 Movies
  • Tons more…

A full review of this app would be miles long. There really is just so much information loaded into this app, you’ll always be finding something new. I think one of the most interesting tidbits of IMDb is that you can read through lists of an actor/actress’s interview quotes, getting a deeper glimpse into who they really are.


  • More information than you can shake a stick at (but organized magnificently)
  • Attractive, clean UI
  • High quality trailers and photos
  • You should now dominate in entertainment trivia

Areas for improvement:

  • Add a barcode scanning feature to make looking up movie ratings easy (i.e. before renting/purchasing)
  • Expand movie showtimes to include regions outside of the US

Conclusion: An all-in-one movie and entertainment app that will (and should) replace any similar app you currently have installed!

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