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Deals Delivered by Groupon Android App

Deals Delivered by Groupon Android App

If you enjoyed getting free gift cards/certificates from JunoWallet, then you’ll definitely love Groupon as well!

  • Version: 1.0.3
  • Size: 1.40MB
  • Category: Shopping
  • Price: Free

Groupon is like the Woot! of local coupons and deals. It offers one unbeatable deal each and every day. From the app you can buy the daily deal, access your purchased Groupons, find additional Groupons nearby, and even redeem them electronically. Currently, there are over 65 cities supported, from Akron to Wichita.

On each deal page, you’ll find the specific details of what you get and for how long it is good. You’ll see the number of people who have already purchased the Groupon and how much time is remaining for you to do the same. Clicking the “Buy Now!” button does just that, as long as you’re logged into Groupon (creating an account is very easy, all you need is your email).


  • Beautiful user-interface
  • Great local deals
  • Purchase and redeem directly from the app

Areas for improvement:

  • Addition of Groupons in more cities
  • The more deals to choose from the better!

Conclusion: A worthy app that will surely save you money at some point!

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