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JunoWallet GiftCards: Android App Promotion

JunoWallet GiftCards: Android App Promotion

JunoWallet is “the number one mobile gift card application in the world.”  This app offers you promotional gift cards/certificates from a variety of your favorite retailers that you can immediately download to your phone.  Additionally, you can also store all of your plastic gift card information on your phone and have their balances updated automatically.

  • Version: 4.4.1
  • Size: 1.72MB
  • Category: Finance
  • Price: Free

JunoWallet offers a great service through an extremely user-friendly app. Read below and follow the banner at the end of the review for promotion/installation instructions!

Features and Benefits:

  • Store all of your gift card information in one mobile app (give your wallet or purse a break!)
  • Gift card balances automatically update
  • Free downloads of promotional mobile gift cards (and get notified when new ones become available)
  • Redeem mobile gift cards directly from your Android phone
  • Share function lets you spread the word to family and friends via Facebook and Twitter
  • Buy additional gift cards and receive bonuses and discounts
  • Protect your information and gift cards with a PIN # for the app


  • Beautiful, easy-to-use UI
  • Save gift cards to the app for easy access and transport (and balances auto-update too!)
  • Promotional offers/gift cards from many popular retailers (more being added all the time)

Areas for improvement:

  • We’ll state the obvious, more free/promotional gift cards!

Conclusion: The only Android app you’ll need for organizing your gift cards and receiving promotional offers, just for having the app installed!

How to get your free promotional gift cards/certificates & download JunoWallet (and support Best Android Apps Review in the process):

  • Click the banner below:

  • Enter your email address to receive a link to the JunoWallet app (and the promotional gift cards) in the Android Market
  • Open the email on your Android phone and follow the link.
  • Enjoy your gift cards and all of JunoWallet’s features!

YouTube video demonstration:

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  1. Avoid Junowallet at all cost! They don’t give you prize in the end and already have plenty of lawsuits from customers!
    Tapporo and apptrailers are much more reliable!

  2. I haven’t had a problem with juno wallet thus far. In fact, I love it and it’s fairly easy to use. My activities have almost all been credited and I turned them in for gift cards with no problem!

    I highly recommend this app, so try it out! If you use my invite code ED1889073 you’ll get an easy $0.25 just from entering it in and I’ll be very appreciative! :)

    Best of luck.


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