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Top Android App: Quadrant Standard

Top Android App: Quadrant Standard

Quadrant is a CPU, I/O, and graphics benchmark. It’s a great way to test the performance of your phone and compare it to other Android devices.

  • Version: 1.0-beta7
  • Size: 868KB
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: Free

Because it is based on a wide range of criteria, Quadrant Standard functions as a great all-around benchmarking tool. Note: This app may not work properly on phones without a GPU (Spica, HTC Tattoo). Also, it may not be used for commercial purposes (i.e. to advertise one phone as being superior to another).

When you open the app, you’ll see you can run a full benchmark and/or view system information. The system information is quite comprehensive and includes device, CPU, Memory, OpenGL, Sensor, and OS details.

Full benchmark tests:

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • I/O
  • 2D and 3D graphics

After the series of benchmarking tests are completed, your results will be displayed alongside the results from other users/devices. Needless to say, my G1 doesn’t really compare to the latest and greatest devices.

Also not too much of a surprise, the Nexus One running Android 2.2 is by far the best performer. However, the Nexus One running <2.2 scored much lower. Definitely a tribute to the latest version of Android.

I’m very interested to see what kind of results over-clocked users get with their devices. Share your scores in the comments below!


  • Benchmark tests only take a couple minutes
  • App is very easy to use
  • Results are shown in comparison to other Android devices
  • Detailed system information available

Areas for improvement:

  • More comprehensive results, instead of just an overall score (look for the full/pro version in the near future to have this)

Conclusion: An all-encompassing app for comparing Android phones, download and see where your phone lands!

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  1. Only 169 with my 1.6 T-mobile G1 :( Haha

  2. just score 1093 on Quadrant, running my Droid on 2.2 at 700mhz. Just behind the Moto Shadow (Droid Xtreme) and Nexus One 2.2.

    not too freakin’ shabby.

    DROID DOES!!!!

  3. I scord a 1604.

    Motorola Droid running 2.2, clocked at 1.2ghz

  4. 1297 faster than the nexus 2.2 with Droid running bugless beast 0.2.1 and Chevy’s ulow voltage 1.2 ghz kernal

    • Pretty impressive scores! Is the difference you gain from over-clocking very noticeable?

      • Very much so…

  5. Over-clocking does increase the speed and responsiveness of the device and the JIT’s presence is noticeable. Droid Froyo @ 800MHz = ~1000…like the first post indicated, almost as fast as the upcoming shadow. Flash, however, is choppy.

  6. Desire (no OC) scored better than the nexus one < 2.2… yet it should be slower than the HTC Incredible… ??
    I hope HTC brings 2.2 for the desire soon!!!

  7. My G1 when I had 1.6 – 203
    My G1 with 2.1 on it – 189
    Same G1, now with 2.2 – 326
    Gotta love Froyo!

  8. Just got my Droid 2 2 days ago. Ran this because I wasn’t sure how it compared to what’s out there… I had a Droid 1 back in January for only one month. Here’s my score:

    Droid 2 (Froyo 2.2 pre-installed) — 1371

  9. scored a 799 on a stock droid running 2.2

  10. 380 on my g1 with froyo and 615MHz oc =]

  11. make that 400 now =D

  12. I got 1247 on HTC Desire running Froyo.

    Abilio Matos

  13. Wow. 2250 on my Samsung Galaxy S with 2.1

    • That is really good, especially on 2.1!

    • how your galaxy is showing quadrant standard equivalent to 2250 as my galaxy s is showing 948 QS only

  14. 2271 on my Galaxy s with 2.1

    • U are a genius, pls tell me if u use stock firmware and waht kind of apps are runing generali and if you did something spacial to run the test. I got 890 with SGS gt-I9000, running android 2.1 stock.
      Thank u mate

      • Rooted and lagfixed of course. i got 2273 for my galaxy s.

  15. 1506 with D1, Chevy ROM, 1.25GHz kernel set to 1.1GHz via OverClockWidget.

  16. Htc evo4G running cm6…kingklickx(or whatever) kernel…oc 1228mhz…..scored 1808! If ya need n.e.thing

  17. 1808

  18. funny “my device” a Samsung Captivate ran a little faster than other Samsung Galaxy S. But then again i did delete all those useless ATT apps they try to force down your throat

  19. Vibrant with lag fix- 2238.

  20. My phone got a quadrant of 2025, gt-i900 galaxy s.

  21. HTC HD2 with Froyo 2.2 (SuperHD2_V1.2 pack) – ~1170 MHz,
    1810 – Quadrant

  22. Samsung Captivate with lag fix = 2330

  23. 2350 with 2.1 eclair stock room. 1000 mhz .. i9000

  24. 2222 on Samsung Galaxy S 2.1, with lag fix applied. Wasn’t expecting this kinda speed on 2.1!

  25. I just got 2237 on my Galaxy S running 2.1! I doubled the score by using the one-click lag fix.

  26. I have hit over 2300 multiple times on quadrant with Captivate rooted and lag fix on 2.1.

  27. 2271 samsung captivate rooted with the lag fix

  28. Scored 224 with my i5700 spica, LOL xD

  29. Samsung Galaxy S(1Ghz stock) –(eclair2.1+root+oneclick lagfix v2.2+Ext2 tools 1G ) -Score 2196

    Next Step update to froyo+oc 1.325 Ghz and a will post here the results

    Fast little demoniac machine ……it burns in your hands :)
    FMF :)

  30. SGS Rules :)

  31. scored higher than nexus 2.27 have the G2 and scored 1559!! Love thus phone have a crazy among of apps and still runs great!

  32. 1252 on my HTC Desire 2.2

  33. Bugless beast krnl samsung fascinate ovrclckd at 1200mhz ….. about 2100

  34. Got with my Tmobile G2: 1570, besting the next best Nexus one 2.2 of 1260.

    My Samsung Vibrant 2.1 is only 790

  35. 506 on my Samsung Galaxy 5 I5503

  36. 2358 with HD2 with cedesmith Desire HD ROM and hastarin 8.5.3 kernel. No overclocking.

  37. I got 2280 on my Samsung Galaxy S i900 Rooted, and lagfix ;)

  38. I scored 1655 with my stock Droid 2 Global

  39. 2001 on my G2 overclocked at 1.13mhz.

  40. Just ran the Quadrant and my results one my rooted Vibrant blew the doors off the Nexus one 2.2 scoring 1675.

  41. I scored 1557 on sony x10 running 2.2 from xda.

  42. Vodafone 945 – 462 (2.1)

  43. I scored 1920 on the myTouch 4G with 2.2 Froyo.

  44. My Motorola Milestone 2 (equal to Droid 2) scores at 1360 points with stock cpu-speed at 1.000 mhz (set min & max to same value with “overclockwidget” app). Seems to be even quite better than nexux one 2.2+.

    Will try to overclock my device to 1.2 or 1.4 ghz to see what difference may result.

  45. 2245. on Viewsonic G Tablet with Vegan rom

  46. 1774 on an overcloked droid 2

  47. 1905-Galaxy S 2.2.1 Darky’s rom; kernel-speedmod-k12r-500hz #6 JPY

  48. 2420 on overclocked G2 running the CM nightlies

  49. 2271 Samsung Mesmerize running 2.1 rooted with lagfix. Base score before root was 837

  50. 1835.

  51. Samsung Captivate : Serendipity 5.12 : Paragon6 1300-100hz Kernel : Quadrant 2089. Stock I run around 1300+.

  52. Motorola Atrix on Froyo = 2404!

  53. Samsung Galaxy S Captivate with Cognition 4.1.1 rom (2.2)
    Benchmark : 1484

    Just for the heck of it my Wifi speed test results:
    25.02 mbps Download
    1.98 mbps Upload

    Wireless N internal adapter is awesome.

  54. HTC Evo 4g, first edition Evo at that
    OC’d with score of 1964
    But get this my score before OC was a 1076
    Mines a costum ROM I made with barely nothing saved to internal but I have a 32 with 18gb filled

  55. on my Huawei U8800 I got 1303, it is standard, running android 2.2 and i have done no rooting on it, according to this test it is right behind the nexus one 2,2+, I am very happy with the phone i purchased at half the price of the galaxy S

  56. 1666 on stock my touch 4g. Id say that’s pretty good

  57. 2622 htc thundrbolt oc’d to 1.6ghz

    • lied it was actually 2652

  58. desire hd with android 2.2.1 running a custom rom called android revolution hd 3.3 (no-sense) with oc’ed kernel running @ 1228mhz with an average of 420mb free memory
    quadrant score 2913
    phone runs uber fast

  59. scored 1050 on motorola defy … 800 mhz …. android 2.1

  60. just ran quadrant on my rooted droid x running android 2.2 and scored 1427 overclocked at 1.2ghz, yea boi!!!!

  61. Lol, scored 226 :)
    Hero with VillainROM 13 (Eclair with Sense) and even overclocked to 691 MHz

  62. 2290 on my Bamf rom (Thunderbolt)

  63. I scored 2552 on motorola atrix.. beat that verizon..

  64. wow thunderbolt blows, i got 2757 on my atrix 4g. in a city that barely just got 3g for att.. beat that verizon

  65. samsung galaxy sII score:3299

    • @Jose How do you like the Samsung Galaxy S2? That’s an impressive score! :)

    • @jose i only got 3151 for my samsung galaxy s2. i guess i got low in the read write process, that’s the section taht seems to slow for the test to process. btw what’s brand and class is the micro sd you are using? tia.

  66. Got an Inspire 4g/DesireHD with a stock cm7 variant OC to 1.5ghz getting consistent 2948, and at 1.2ghz 2648

  67. Got 2063 on my Moto Droid X OC’d to 1.3 GHZ.

  68. I got 2200 from my G2 overcolcked to 1.3Ghz, I was surprised that when I overclocked it further to 1.5Ghz, the score only went up to 2400, but none the less, its a great app

  69. 571 on my galaxy 5 with mad team

  70. 2641 on my G2x, cm7 2.3.4

  71. I got a score of 838 on my I9003. Can I improve my scores?
    Can I delete the application now.

  72. 1528 for ASUS Transformer, standard ROM 3.0

  73. 1752

    Asus Transformer, standard 3.0 ROM

  74. Galaxy S2 here, 3446. I’m quite impressed with the performance…

  75. 2600 lg optimus 2x

  76. 1779 samsung wave con android 2.2 in versione pre-alpha!

  77. htc sensation – 1893

  78. htc sensation – 2nd test

  79. samsung galaxy s rooted. lagfix on. oc to 1.6GHZ. the best ROM ever: pilotX rom 3.5 and GTO kernel

    3631 =]

  80. Just scored 2564 in my Samsung Galaxy S II :)… seems quite a good phone!

  81. Got 915 points with X10 mini running 2.2 at 600MHz

  82. 2210 points with Moto Defy Cyanogen latest nightly build 2.3.5 OC 1 ghz :)

  83. I overclocked the CPU to 1,2 ghz, and tried again. Interesting but everytime I started the benchmark the scores goes up and up, and max score, where it stopped was 2949 points. Thx Cyanogen :)

  84. I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace with FirstUA-ROM-v1.2 and my score was 1523…
    Not bad from a phone that has 800mhz pro..

  85. Galaxy S² 3342
    1,2 GHz running on cm7 / speedmod kernel

  86. Hannspad with Gtabcomb 3.3 and ABs latest Kernel
    Overclocked to 1400 Mhz. Score of 3875

  87. A 4759 running SGS2, CM7, 1600 GHz, GB 2.3.5, XXKI3

    No tweaks to the system specific for Quadrant.

  88. Sorry edit post above 1.6 GHz or 1600 MHz, sorry.

  89. 2000 – HTC Desire HD
    Android Revolution HD 6.1.3
    Overclocked to 1.4GHz

  90. 3407 Samsung galaxy s2

  91. Latest (new today) Tmobile version of Galaxy SII. 1.5ghz dual core S3 snap dragon processor. 4.5″ display. Highest was 3658 on unmodified phone and gingerbread OS.

    — 3658 —

  92. Nexus S w/ CM7 O.C. to 1.544Ghz scores… 5170!!
    Gotta love developers!

  93. galaxy s2(i777) 2.3.6 ICS’d out! O.C to 1.6 scored 4811

  94. Score: 3563
    device : samsung galaxy s 2
    running gingerbread 2.3.5

    The best smartphone ever!

  95. Score :4189
    Device :Samsung galaxy s2 Epic 4g touch
    running gingerbread 2.3.6
    rooted lag fixes
    Calkulin rom

  96. Score:3042
    device:samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket
    runnning gingerbread 2.3.5


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