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Meet your newest Android App Reviewers!

One month ago we started our search to add great new Android app reviewers to meet your demand for the best Android information around! So without further ado, congratulations and welcome the the newest #BAAR team members!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a review! Check back in the future for more opportunities to join Best Android Apps Review.


Bio: I’m a tech pundit. I love gadgets, music, writing, television, movies, pro wrestling, comic books and so much more. I love chatting about gadgets, and especially Android powered devices. Google is The Matrix, just give in and join the family. When theres no limit to what Droid gets, there’s no limit to what #DroidDoes!

Feel free to send me a message. I’m a tech, so I can answer most any questions you have on Android. Check out my YouTube Channel for some fun videos, JohnPariahPWX!

  • Current phone: Motorola Droid 855 (Verizon Wireless), soon to be replaced with the Droid X next month :)
  • Favorite Android app: Wireless Tether For Root Users
  • Favorite Android game: kitten cannon FTW!
  • Favorite Android widget: Beautiful Widgets. I can’t tell how many people I’ve reccomended this too.
  • Favorite Android feature: The openness, and total Google sync. The apps, the developer community. Everything
  • Twitter: @johnpariah


Bio: A communications major at BYU with a love for all things Google. I also play guitar, snowboard, and love movies, music and soccer.

  • Current phone: HTC Droid Incredible
  • Favorite Android app: Google Listen
  • Favorite Android game: Cestos
  • Favorite Android widget: Data Counter
  • Favorite Android feature: Customization
  • Twitter account: @Lance_harper


Bio: I’ve been in IT for 26 years, currently working in IT at a company in the Telecomm industry. I love tech, anything with an engine in it, surfing and writing. I currently have an Incredible and can’t wait for it to get rooted. Oh yeah, I use a Mac…

  • Current phone: HTC Incredible
  • Favorite Android app: Google Navigation
  • Favorite Android game: Jewels
  • Favorite Android widget: Pure Calendar
  • Favorite Android feature: Task switching
  • Twitter account: @sturvey

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