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Did you feel that?: Earthquake!

Yet another popular app has been brought to Android.  While this app would have normally been of interest primarily for those of us in Southern California, worldwide events have broadened the interest about information regarding quakes.

Earthquake Listing

  • Version: 2.6
  • Size: 151KB
  • Category: News and Weather
  • Price: Free

Earthquake allows you to track and view seismic activity globally.

Here’s a result screen:

You can zoom in by tapping the screen once, which will give you a -/+ option.  Upon zooming, you can see the approximate area affected by the quake:

There are a variety of settings, such as minimum magnitude and maximum distance, but the notifications are kind of interesting; you can choose to be alerted by a ringtone or vibration if the quake occurs in the region near you (eerily appropriate).  My take on it is, if the quake happened near you, you’re probably going to know before it does, but on smaller ones it can suprise you.  I happened to have downloaded this app shortly after the string of earthquakes hit Mexico starting on April 4, 2010 (7.2).  It was amazing to hear my phone (HTC Incredible) ping and vibrate with a remarkable frequency throughout the next few days.  We were seeing something like 6+ aftershocks a day.


  • Simple to use and understand
  • Easy settings to alert you to seismic events
  • Covers the world!

Areas for improvement:

  • It would be cool if you could vary the intensity of the alerts based on magnitude
  • Limited to only a couple of days worth of events.

Conclusion: Interesting app for the geographically unstable.

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  1. I live in San Diego and this thing updates me like 4 hours after the earthquake happens. Useless

  2. For those of us who do not live in an active zone but have loved ones that do, it’s neat and useful

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