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Android Quick App: doubleTwist for Android

I’m back, taking just a quick peek at the new doubleTwist app for Android. This is particuarly good if you use doubleTwist on your Mac or PC (which admittedly, I have installed, but never used) and are too lazy to plug your phone in to your USB cable (also, something I am not). For those of you like me, who don’t really care about wirelessly syncing this app with your computer, then it replaces the stock music / video player on Android.

  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 2.1MB
  • Category: Multimedia
  • Price: FREE

I’m an app-reviewing MACHINE.

So let’s dive in, to doubleTwist for Android!

[doubleTwist home]

[Music – > Albums]

[Music -> Artists]

[Music -> Songs]



[Music Player]


So, as I said above, I don’t use doubleTwist on my Macbook. So the whole “syncing with iTunes” gimmick is lost on me. I’m taking this as just another replacement for the otherwise lackluster stock media player for Android. In that respect, it kind of falls flat.


  • Sleek UI, familiar yet different at the same time
  • HUGE Buttons when you’re playing music. Probably the biggest advantage to this app, especially if you use the Moto Car Mount and rock out while driving.
  • Syncs with your iTunes with ease-which is a plus for some
  • Simple to use, as a stand alone media player
  • Will play other formats than MP4 (big win!)


  • Does NOT auto-download album art (ala 3 or MixZing)
  • Doesn’t really offer anything else besides the iTunes sync and Podcasts that the default player doesn’t offer
  • NO WIDGET!! I love Widgets, and I love music widgets. They just make my life so much easier.

CONCLUSION: It serves its purpose.  It’s prettier than the default media player on Android, but let’s face it, very little ISN’T. The animations are crisper, and just the overall aesthetic is very pleasing to the eye. The UI is simple, and the buttons are HUGE! For those of you who don’t need the iTunes syncing, because you pirate all your music “illegally” and dont pay Apple anymore money than they need, it makes a pretty spiffy replacement for the default music player. If they had a music widget attached to it-this would earn an extra point. I will use this in the car for sure, because I hook my phone up to my Jabra SP700 bluetooth speaker w/ FM Transmitter, sync it to my car stereo, and rock out while driving, and the little buttons on the default player have nearly gotten me killed many times.The big display is very nice, especially for that scenario.

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Catch you next time. When there’s no limit to what Droid Gets, there’s no limit to what Droid Does!

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  1. Question: Does the app work in landscape mode? Specifically when using the music player feature? I ask because the stock music player on my Droid Incredible does not rotate into landscape mode, and I hate it! In the car I use my phone for both music and GPS navigation. I have a car dock, and I prefer to put my phone in landscape mode for GPS, but it’s obnoxious that the music player is sideways.

  2. no actually it does not. Didn’t think about testing it until you asked, lol. it doesn’t switch into landscape mode automatically. *tear*

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