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Top Android App: Congress

Top Android App: Congress

If you’re interested in American politics or want to voice your opinion to your representatives, then the Congress app is for you!

  • Version: 2.2
  • Size: 204.3KB
  • Category: Social
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Score: 4.9/5

The Congress app is an incredible resource to have at your disposal. Now, even more than ever, it’s important to make sure that we are well represented by our elected officials. Be informed and be heard!

  • Call your representatives
    • Tap “My Location” to find your district’s representatives and give them a call
    • Search further by state, last name, or zip code
  • See the latest bills and laws
    • Inform yourself about what your legislators are introducing into Congress, along with what laws they are passing
    • Find more information in the “News” and “Youtube” (videos) tabs
  • Home screen shortcuts galore
    • Tap “Create Shortcut” on the menu for one-click access for a bill or legislator that you’d like to stay updated on


  • Quick access to endless unbiased Congressional information
  • Full descriptions on all bills introduced and passed
  • Smooth, streamlined, beautiful UI
  • Makes contacting representatives a breeze

Areas for improvement:

  • Add search capabilities
  • Possibly expand the app and add governor information

Conclusion: An essential app for anyone interested in politics or being an informed U.S. citizen!

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