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Top Android App: AppBrain Market Sync

Have you been longing to browse and install apps from your computer? Now that is possible thanks to AppBrain Market Sync. Also, thanks to goldengirl_1975 for suggesting we try out this app/service.

  • Version: 3.0
  • Size: 149KB
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Score: 4.7/5

How to use AppBrain:

  • Visit the AppBrain website and login with your Google account
  • Search for apps and click ‘install’ to add them to the queue
  • Download the AppBrain Market Sync Android app
  • Open the app and ‘Sync with AppBrain’

The user interface of the AppBrain website is very easy to navigate. For each app, check out the description, screenshots, changelog, user comments, related apps, and more all on one page. Then, jump to the next app or the next category to continue your pain-free search.

Similar to the top rated Android app AppAware, AppBrain gives you the ability to receive recommendations for apps to download based on what you’ve already installed on your phone. Also, check out the Hot Apps! page for some of the most popular apps over the last 24 hours (or 7 days).

One thing I’d like to see improved with this app is the actual installation of multiple apps. When installing apps, the process only downloads one at a time and when the first one completes, the page doesn’t refresh or revert back to the list of apps you’d like to install, you have to manually press back. This was definitely a little confusing at first.

Conclusion: Download!

AppBrain is an effective way to discover new apps that you may have never known existed because of the current state of the Android Market. You’ll definitely benefit from installing this app and using the AppBrain website. Let us know some of your best finds!

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