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Top Android App: Advanced Ruler Pro

Turn your Android phone into a precise measuring device with Advanced Ruler Pro!

  • Version: 1.3.1
  • Size: 636KB
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: $0.99 (Free Demo)
  • Overall Score: 4.7/5

Advanced Ruler Pro takes advantage of the Android OS and it’s ability to overlay additional layers onto the camera input, allowing for the advanced ruler functionality. The app uses fairly basic geometry to calculate values of distances, heights, etc. that you see in your camera view, and it’s all done in real-time. Then, just tap the screen to take a screen capture of whatever you want to measure and record.

Measurement types:

  • Physical ruler – for all items the size of your phone or smaller, use the on-screen physical ruler.
  • Distance ruler – measure the distance to a point at the same horizontal level as where you’re standing. Use to measure room size, fence lengths, etc.
  • Height ruler – measure the height of an object standing at the same horizontal level. Use to measure wall height, tree height, etc.
  • Length ruler – for times when the distance or height ruler doesn’t apply. This measurement tool is more complicated than the others, so definitely check out the in-app tutorial.

Accuracy Tips:

  • Ensure that you enter the proper “camera height” before making any measurements. It’s best to use your eye height so that each time you make a measurement you won’t have to make any adjustments.
  • Remember that items you’re measuring the height or distance of must share your horizontal plane.
  • Hold the phone as steady as possible.
  • Measurements with small tilt angels (very large distances) are vulnerable to error because small changes in angle equal large changes in measurement values.

If your measurements seem to be inaccurate, make sure that you’ve set your desired units (meter, cm, ft, etc.) and also your personal standards needed for estimating certain distances (not as important for basic measurements). Also, most phones should be recognized by the app and not need to be calibrated. If yours is not recognized, you will get a warning informing you to perform a calibration (found in the menu).


  • Utilizes the Android OS to create a valuable measurement tool (that the iPhone currently can’t)
  • Surprisingly accurate when you use the correct measurement techniques
  • Multiple unit values supported
  • Screen capture distance measurements for future reference


  • Switching between different rulers requires exiting to the default physical ruler before making a different selection. Fixed in the latest version!

Conclusion: Definitely worth downloading the Pro version to have the power of accurate measurements right from your Android phone!

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