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Poll: Current Opinion of the Android Market?

Poll: Current Opinion of the Android Market?

On a daily basis, we all access the Android Market in search of great new apps to use on our phones. I know I for one can’t live without apps like Quick Settings, Seesmic, or NewsRob, all of which were initially found by searching the Market.

So, what is your opinion of the Android Market and it’s functionality/usability? Do you feel like it sufficiently facilitates new app discovery? Or do you find yourself using services/apps like AppAware and AppBrain to find new apps/games to download (in addition to our site of course!)?

Vote and let us know what you think about the current state of the Android Market.

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  1. I like the ratings, user comments, and screenshots. They definitely help make the decision easier, but finding apps in the first part is the biggest challenge I believe. I’d like to see the Android Market have a related apps option to allow you to find apps like the one you are viewing/downloading. Similarly, I’d like to see better search functionality (especially since we’re talking about Google here).

    • How did you get so many apps on the phone? Anyone know how to close an app quickly? For elmpaxe to close an app it’s such a pain. So many times I stop to see how many are running and like I forget to close them. It would be nice if there was like an X where I could just press and it closes an app rather than having to go through page after page just to close an app.

  2. Can’t agree with you more. But on top of that, please let us buy Apps outside selective countries.

  3. like the app store but it lacks a couple of things it needs a wish list button so when we look up apps we can set aside ones we might like, next a comparison feature so we can compare like apps


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