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Opinions of the Android Market (Poll Results)

Opinions of the Android Market (Poll Results)

This post is a follow-up to the recent poll, Current Opinion of the Android Market? The success of Android and the apps/developers that support it, rides heavily on the functionality/usability of the Android Market.

The two largest responses were for “Somewhat Approve” and “Somewhat Disapprove.” So a majority of Android users are sitting on the fence as to whether they currently like or dislike the Android Market. Also, it could be argued that some minor (or major) improvements to the Market could swing many of the votes into one of the two approving categories. We’re hoping that with Android 2.2 (Froyo), a new and improved Android Market will be unveiled.

Possibly a surprising result, in a close third was “Strongly Approve.” In general, from discussions on this site and Twitter, complete support for the Android Market is more rare than recorded by these results. In any case, it’s a positive sign that many Android users are enjoying the experience. Additionally, the “Strongly Disapprove” category was the lowest scoring out of all five options, which is a promising result. It wouldn’t be surprising if many of those votes were from users running Android 1.5, which still carries the older version of the Android Market.


When taken as a whole, the average vote fell neatly between “Indifferent” and “Somewhat Approve.” So, on average, it’s fair to say that the Android Market is serving its purpose, but only doing so satisfactorily. For Android to continue to see the kind of growth it has over the last year, the functionality/usability of the Market will need to be enhanced.

Share your comments/concerns with the Android Market below!

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  1. We need more critical judgment in reviews, evaluated by experts and written by people who can finish a sentence. Of course for most of the Android market, where 99% of the 500,000 apps are completely useless to almost everybody, quality is a non-issue. It’s evident at the bookstore, where there are app guides selling for up to $20.00, that we are all looking for solid advice from experts. We need this level of critical judgment from the crowd. Reviews that compare two, three, or more apps should be given a higher value. Review writers should have a quality rating, where the effort to do serious comparison is built into their reputation. It’s a wild wild west market right now.

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