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Fring Brings Video Calling to Android

Fring is extremely excited (as you can see in the video below) to announce their Android app into the Market. Fring is the first to offer video calling for Android (you can also make free calls and chat using many of your favorite social applications). The app is currently available for all Android devices running 1.5+. However, for the full effect you’ll need a phone with a front facing camera like the HTC Evo. Hopefully, a larger number of future Android phones will include the dual cameras.

This app is quite similar to KnockingLive, but with the extremely important feature of including audio capabilities.

Supported networks:

  • Skype
  • Google Talk
  • AIM
  • ICQ
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • and more…

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  1. This is really good idea bring to Android this kind of application.
    I enjoyed couple days with some problems at my myTouch 3G with 1.6 OS version.
    First is battery live significantly going down.
    Doesn’t support Yahoo voice yet.
    Worth part is related network. Application just killing 3G after a while.

    • Was it Fring that was draining battery or just in general the MT3G doesn’t have that great of a battery life?

  2. I would say Fring draining battery really quickly. During the night battery became empty.

    • Do you have a task killer? You can try to quit the app before going to sleep and see if it saves your battery.

  3. When app out of active tasks battery is okay. I did try it already.
    3G is also an issue in my phone with this app.

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